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Sunday, September 06, 2009

August Update

Summer is almost over and we are winding down with production of Thong Girl 4:The Body Electric. We have shot most of our green screen scenes and I am VERY grateful to Tony Warner and Warner Construction for his generosity in letting us use one of his warehouses for the summer. He also owns the Devil's Dungeon haunted house and he let us shoot the first few months of production there. Make sure you get out to the Devil's Dungeon for Halloween. They have the best haunted house in Nashville. I mean it! (
Here are a few highlights from the past couple of months: A couple of weeks ago we shot a scene with the original TG, Leah Adcock. I've already let it slip that Thong Girl dies in a tragic accident at the beginning of the new movie and her sister (Alex del Monacco) comes to Music City to attend the funeral and unwillingly acquires the power of the Thong. Leah graciously agreed to do a cameo role and it turned out fantastic! I was planning on using a body double to stage the "accident" but I thought, what the hell, I'll ask her if she'll do it and she said yes. It was great working with her again and it adds so much to the movie. I know her fans will be glad to see her return.
Also, I finished a teaser/trailer for the new movie and we took some promo shots with Alex, Will (Electar) and Tony (BoxerBrief Boy) for the new poster and banner. The trailer will be available to view on Facebook, YouTube and MySpace in a few days. We'll also have a link on the TG website. We still have several scenes to shoot so this is more of a teaser than a full-blown trailer. But you'll get to see some of the footage that we've shot, including the strip scene at the Brass Stables with the lovely Stacey Dixon (DynoWoman).
We shot a robbery scene last weekend at Comix City Too in Madison. In this scene TG tries out her ass laser for the first time with mixed results. Thanks to Mark Angel and James Hannon for letting us use their store and hanging in there with us until 4am.
September will be the busiest month yet with several key scenes left to shoot and then the big finale in October. Then it's off to post-production solitude. This is my favorite part of the filmmaking process because I get to do what I enjoy most - hibernate and edit. All of the elements of filmmaking are extremely important to the final product, but you can literally make or break a film in editing. That's where you take all of your ingredients and mix them together to form something cohesive and viewable. With all of the amazing technology available through Mac and Final Cut Pro, it's like being a kid in a candy shop for an editor. I am SO psyched for post-production.
Well, that's it for now. It may be awhile before I blog again but please check the TG website ( for updates and new behind-the-scenes pictures. We also will be appearing at the Nashville Comic and Horror Convention in October and Alex del Monacco will attend this year. Hope to see you there.


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