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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer is Thongtastic!

Meet the new Thong Girl for 2011 Maxx Kelley! Maxx will be starring in a series of webisodes that we will host on our website this summer and Fall. The webisodes are based on the comic book series "Xolta vs Thong Girl" by comic book artist Gaylord Tause. Because of the ever-growing expense of shooting a feature film and the cost of making my last feature "Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric" I've decided to go with a less expensive production and use the internet as our media to broadcast the webisodes.
The stories revolve around a super-hot alien chick called Xolta and her space odyssey. While traveling the galaxy in search of new adventures Xolta runs into her old nemesis VISH'SS, a blue cone-headed tyrant from the planet ZORCON. Realizing that she is no match for VISH'SS and his new and improved powers she enlists the help of earth-babe Thong Girl and together they team up for some sexy, raunchy fun. If you liked the old "Lost In Space" TV shows you'll enjoy the campy sci-fi adventures of Xolta and TG.
The new TG4 dvd will also be available for purchase later this summer and it will include a host of dvd extras including deleted scenes, bloopers, a director's commentary and access to the new TG video game!
I'll also be working on the Thong Girl stage musical all this summer and fall with piano player/composer extraordinaire Martin Brady, also known as Dweeble in the TG movies.
Summer 2011 is going to be HOT HOT HOT for Thong Girl.

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