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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Year Of The Thong

Well. here it is 2007 and this is my first blog of the New Year! I've been totally immersed in editing "Thong Girl 3: Revenge Of The Dark Widow". I never imagined it would be so much work. I had to learn a new editing software program called Final Cut Pro and it's AMAZING! My dream was to be totally self-sufficient when it comes to post-production and, except for farming out the special effects and music scoring part of it, I'm now able to do all of my editing and post production at home.
The movie is coming along nicely and I'm aiming for an April 28th premiere at Watkins College in Nashville. I anticipate many long nights and early mornings but the film actually has to be finished by the first weekend in April because I'm showing it in Atlanta at a convention called FroliCon. This is an adult convention that features "alternative" lifestyles and interests such as fetishes and light bondage. While Thong Girl is most definitely PG-13 fare, I want to test the more adult waters and maybe pump up the "sexy" in Thong Girl without becoming soft-porn. I think you can be campy and funny and sexy all at once without losing your integrity - watch a John Waters movie. I'm also a guest speaker at the Con; I'm doing a presentation on independent filmmaking.
We have a lot of irons in the fire this year. Along with the new feature film and a new comic book for the Fall, I'm planning a trip to China to see if Thong Girl can be sold to the Asian market. Along with all of the national media attention we got last year with the "ThongGate" scandal, the Beijing Youth Daily in China did a feature story on us (see attachment) and I have become friends with the reporter who wrote the article. I've always been enamored with the Asian culture and I've long thought that Thong Girl could be a hit with the Chinese and Japanese markets. So now I know someone in China and I'd be stupid not to explore the possibilities. We're also developing the script for a TG4 movie and it's a really cool concept!
I have a lot of other new ideas for the Thong Girl franchise that I'd like to delve into this New Year, including video games and action figures, but it all starts with the movie. I am totally focused on making TG3 something everyone involved can be proud of and that is my short-term goal.
I'll update this blog several times before the premiere on April 28th but also please check out the website ( from time to time - we'll be adding more production stills from the movie soon and adding a special Movie Premiere page with some of the articles from across the country from last year's media blitz when we filmed in Gallatin. So mark your calendars for April 28th & 29th. There will be two shows on Saturday @ 7pm and 9pm and a Sunday matinee at 3pm. See you soon.