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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nashville Comic & Horror Convention

I know this is kind of short notice but we will be appearing at the Nashville Comic & Horror Convention at the State Fairgrounds this weekend (Oct. 18 & 19) here in Nashville. Admission is $10 and there will be all kinds of creepy creatures and comic book stars there along with actress and model Alex del Monaco as Thong Girl!!! Alex will be representing Thong Girl Films and donning The Thong this weekend and signing autographs and selling her merchandise as well as ours. While Alex is here she'll also be auditioning for the role of Thong Girl for the upcoming feature film "Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric" which will begin filming in just a few short weeks.
Please come out and meet Alex and support Thong Girl Films and buy some cool TG merchandise including dvds, tee shirts, comic books and autographed 8X10s of the lovely Alex del Monaco. For more info about the Con please go to
I'll have more about the new film in the coming weeks. This film will be bigger and badder than the last one and will feature more cool special effects and even a big dance number!!! Hope to see you this weekend.

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