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Monday, March 30, 2009

April Update

     Spring is finally here and we're well into our second month of shooting TG4.  We've shot five or six scenes so far and we've got a very busy April and May.  Here is a picture of our laboratory set that we started building back in November of last year.  We'll be on the set for the entire month of May and then we'll do all of our outdoor location shooting in June and July, followed by a month of "green screen" shooting and then we should wrap by the end of the summer.  Then it's on to post-production which will include bigger and better special effects, music and a very special "secret" that I'm not at liberty to discuss... aw, hell, everybody knows I can't keep a secret. We're going to try and shoot the grand finale dance/throw-down fight scene in 3D!!!  James Houk, our Director of Photography is working out the details and, as far as we know, this will be the first local feature film to utilize 3D and 3D glasses.  Very exciting!
     I'm also looking forward to filming a flashback dream sequence at the end of the month with one of my personal heroes, Lloyd Kaufman.  Lloyd will be making a cameo appearance as Doctor Thomas Edison from the 1920s.  Lloyd is the founder of New York based film company Troma Films, home of the well-known Toxic Avenger series.
     Since we're shooting mostly weekends it's taking a lot longer than most indie films to shoot, but we're getting some really great footage and I think you'll see the end result will be well worth the wait.
     Keep checking back with me and also check out our revamped website for some behind-the-scenes photos.  And remember:  If You Do Wrong, You'll Answer To The Thong!

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