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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric

Winter is upon us and that usually means hibernation for me, but there's just too much work to do this year.  First, let me tell you about our new Thong Girl, Alex del Monacco.  As I mentioned in the last blog, I met Alex online and we discovered that we had a mutual connection through the Nashville Comic and Horror Convention.  I wasn't going to do the Con this year because we didn't have any new product and Audra Lynn had just dropped out due to health issues.  Frankly, I was feeling a little forlorn at the task of having to search for another Thong Girl.  And then along came Alex! Alex is a beautiful, sexy actress/model from Carterville, Illinois with loads of modeling experience and some film experience.  She heard about the Thong Girl project and was interested in taking on the challenge of a crimefighting superhero who just happens to look hot in a thong bikini.  She, like Audra, had not done many starring roles and was anxious to use her acting skills for the good of humankind and comic book and film fans alike (huh?)  Anyhow, she contacted me and we decided to join forces at the Nashville Con and it turned out GREAT!  You can see some of the Con pics on the TG MySpace page at this link:
In the next few months we'll be preparing our new set located at the Devil's Dungeon Haunted House in Nashville and scouting locations for the rest of the film. We plan to start shooting on the new set just after the New Year. We will also be looking for extras for several scenes, so if you'd like to be in the new movie please contact me through my email or the TG website. I'll be posting a new blog every couple of weeks to keep you updated on our progress and keep checking the website at for more TG info. And never forget: IF YOU DO WRONG, YOU'LL ANSWER TO THE THONG!

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