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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Long, Hot Summer

Hello TG friends and fans! I have a rare weekend off from shooting while my DP James Houk participates in the 48 Hour Film Project. Personally, I don't see the appeal in writing, shooting, editing, scoring and delivering a short film in 48 hours. It's stressful enough to make a movie over several months, but to have to complete one in two days is totally INSANE! On the other hand, humans love to push themselves past the boundaries of what is considered "normal" and have been doing so for centuries. This is how we strive toward greatness. Anyhow, enough pontificating... let's get down to the Thong business at hand.
We are two thirds of the way through production of "Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric" and things are going very well. We shot at the Brass Stables a few weeks ago and we got some amazing footage (see picture). Thanks to all of our terrific extras who showed up to whoop and holler as Stacey Dixon, alias stripper Candy Slice aka DynoWoman did her amazing pole dance. Thanks also to the Brass Stables for being such gracious hosts for the day.
We moved into our "green screen facility" warehouse last weekend and did our first shoot with Will Jones as Electar on top of the AT&T building and a really sweet scene with Tony Domenico and Martin Brady as BoxerBrief Boy and Dweeble. This scene had our superhero sidekicks driving to the scene of a crime while reminiscing and commiserating over the loss of their dear departed Lana Layonme. (Here comes a spoiler: Lana aka Thong Girl dies at the beginning of the new movie) We'll be shooting on green screen for the next eight weeks or so. Many thanks to Warner Construction for letting us use the building.
Last week my gameboys from DeVry University completed a beta test version of the new TG video game! We sent it out to several of our friends and we've had really positive results. If all goes well the game will be ready for release by September; just in time for our appearance at the Nashville Comic and Horror Convention.
I am currently working on a TG4 trailer and I am planning on having it ready for the Kentucky Fright Night Film Fest in mid-August. Alex del Monacco (the new TG) will be appearing as well Stacey Dixon and myself and possibly a few other cast members.
Lastly, I'm cooking up a really fun contest to draw some superhero wannabees into the TG realm. There's a scene in the movie where TG and BoxerBrief Boy go to see the Maharishi for spiritual training and enlightenment. Since the last film, word has spread that the Maharishi is a miracle worker with a knack for training wannabee superheroes. So every manner of kooky crimefighter has lined up outside his door to seek his spiritual guidance. We're looking for ten or so original superheroes - similar to Stan Lee's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" TV show - to appear in a scene with Thong Girl. I'll have more info on this coming soon.
One more bit of news: Former TG star Leah Adcock has graciously consented to making a cameo appearance in the new movie. This is great news to me and to all TG fans and it will bring the Thong Girl saga full circle. I will not divulge the nature of her appearance and you can't make me (except with large sums of money). But I will say that her appearance will be "electrifying".
Well, that's about it for now. After this weekend it's back to the moviemaking biz. This film promises to be much bigger and better than the last one and we're really going to do some serious promotion to get this movie out there. Thanks again for your continued support and interest in Thong Girl.