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Saturday, July 21, 2007

TG Reporter Wins Award!!!

Hey Y'all, We're coming up into August and this will be a very busy month for all things Thong. But first.... congratulations to Gallatin News-Examiner reporter Katrina Cornwell for winning the Annual Tennessee Press Association Newspaper Contest Award for Best News Reporting for her series pieces on little ole THONG GIRL!!! You may recall Katrina was the reporter who first broke the story last September involving our filming in the Gallatin Mayor's Office. This sparked the international coverage that brought us our 15 minutes of fame. Katrina went on to do a number of stories on us, including the first interview with Leah and Tony. She continues to be a staunch supporter of TG and will be promoting the upcoming First Ever Thong Girl Look-Alike Contest and Video Shoot next month at The Ranch in Gallatin. So a BIG SHOUT-OUT to Katrina for all of her hard work and support.
We're starting August with a free screening of TG3 at Cafe Coco on Monday, Aug. 13th at 7:30pm. There will be door prizes and food and drinks and I hope to see all of our TG friends, especially if you haven't gotten to see the film yet. This is a smoke-free event and you are encouraged to EAT. I'll be arriving early so please join me for dinner.
On August 25th we'll be presenting the first ever THONG GIRL LOOK-ALIKE CONTEST AND VIDEO SHOOT at The Ranch Bar and Grill in Gallatin. As you may know by now, Leah Adcock will not be returning in the role of Thong Girl for the next film and we will be making an exhaustive search for a new Thong Girl. As part of the promotion for this search we will be having a TG Look-Alike Contest starting at 8pm at The Ranch. First prize will be $150 cash and a featured appearance in the next TG movie. Four runners-up will win an appearance in the new music video that we'll be shooting based on the TG theme song written and performed by the group Enyaface, which is Mark Allen's band. Mark is the composer of the TG filmscore and he and the band have written a really catchy pop tune that screams MUSIC VIDEO! So we'll be shooting the performance part of the video that night at The Ranch and all of the remaining video in and around Nashville the following week. If you'd like to hear the song just go to our website and click on TG Theme Song.
This is going to be a really fun night and after the contest and video shoot the band will perform until midnight. Admission is $10 at the door and, (guys) not only will you see a lot of hot babes in bikinis, but (guys & girls) you'll get to be in the crowd scene in the video while the band performs.
I am also working with a casting agent in Atlanta who's setting up a casting call for the next Thong Girl. I plan to look in several cities for my next TG star; I'd prefer a Nashvillian but I'm prepared to go to Atlanta, Miami, and even Los Angeles to find the right girl for the part.
As for the status of the film "Thong Girl 3: Revenge Of The Dark Widow" I've begun entering film festivals and submitting it to potential distributors in the hopes of selling the film for wide release. It's the dream of every filmmaker to sell their movie and make enough money to shoot the next film. That would be very rewarding, but what I'd really like is to be able to pay the actors and the crew for all of their hard work. That would be most gratifying for me.
I'll be sending out emails to remind everyone about the upcoming events in August and we're also adding an Events page on the website so please check us out at See you soon.
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